MDmohelet – Jennifer Novick

About Me

I am a licensed, board certified pediatrician, mother of three, with a long standing dedication to traditional Judaism.

Though I am currently based west of Boston, Massachusetts, I grew up in Woodbridge, CT  in an egalitarian Conservative home. I graduated from Brandeis University with a degree in Psychology, and then completed my medical studies at the Mount Sinai School of Medicine in New York. During my residency in Pediatrics at the New York Hospital-Cornell Medical Center I fell in love with the parts of my job that allowed me the privilege to help parents care for their new babies. Throughout my years in practice I looked forward to these special visits with new parents, and these interactions remained favorite parts of my day.

While in college I discovered the excitement of performing with an a capella group, and my love of singing Jewish music continued after I moved to New York when I joined the group Neranena.

My training continued at the Brit Kodesh course at the Jewish Theological Seminary, which allowed me the opportunity to study the Halacha (Jewish Law), rituals and art surrounding Brit Milah with the leading scholars in the Conservative movement. During these studies I was impressed with the powerful imagery associated with this observance. Brit Milah is a permanent physical reminder of our covenant with and connection to God.

When I began contemplating becoming a Mohelet I was struck by how beautifully this centuries old ritual sat at the intersection of my favorite passions; babies, medicine, Jewish observance and music.

In preparation for becoming a Mohelet, I was privileged to train with Dr. Neil Pollock of Vancouver, BC who has developed a technique for painless circumcision. Since I am both a trained physician and a trained Mohel, I can offer this pain-free option to your family, in order to ensure that your son is as comfortable as possible during the Brit Milah ceremony.

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